Heart PET Scan

A non-invasive, 45 minute, lower radiation exposure nuclear stress test for diagnosing significant blockages in coronary arteries in patients with risk factors/symptoms of heart disease/CAD/viable myocardium assessment.


Poor Leg Circulation/PAD Evaluation & Treatment

Poor leg circulation assessment in diabetes, smoking or cardiovascular disease patients initially with ABI and then angiogram of leg arteries and then treatment with angioplasty/atherectomy/stent in appropriate patients.


Venous Evaluation & Treatment for Varicose Veins

A simple catheter procedure done under local anesthesia in superficial dilated veins with reflux, in patients with pain/swelling/ulcer in legs/chronic venous disease.

Catheterization Laboratory

A invasive freestanding facility for a stent, angioplasty or atherectomy in peripheral arteries, all angiograms, heart cath etc. Leg artery interventional procedures including stents.


External counter-pulsation leg treatments can improve angina by improving coronary blood flow in chronic angina patients not amenable to a stent or bypass.

Thallium Scan

The traditional nuclear stress test done with exercise/chemicals.

Non-invasive Cardiology

All Ultrasound Dopplers – Echo, Carotid doppler, Renal doppler, ABI for PAD assessment, abdominal aneurysm doppler, venous doppler, exercise stress test, Holter/Event monitor, Pacemaker/Defibrillator evaluations.

Preventive Cardiology

Accurate assessment of a person’s risk of heart disease. Cholesterol blood test, obesity assessment and treatment, lifestyle modification program, pre-operative blood tests, and coumadin clinic.

Clinical Cardiology

Pre-operative clearance with accurate assessment and testing. Consultation for all cardiovascular diseases, chronic congestive heart failure treatment with IV medications, chest pain evaluation in low risk patients, atrial fibrillation/arrhythmias/valvular heart disease assessment and treatment.

Lifestyle Modification Program

Prevention/treatment of heart disease by medications, lifestyle modification, smoking cessation with medical help, nutritional counseling, exercise recommendations, and a variety of other lifestyle techniques explored by Dr. Goel.

Smoking Cessation

Dr. Goel can provide counseling as well as prescribe pretentative therapy to help you stop smoking.

Putnam Heart Center

Putnam Heart Center